Maine’s largest general store sells guns, wedding gowns, and beer and people LOVE it

Hussey’s General Store, located in Windsor, Maine, promotes the three things they have become famous for: guns, wedding gowns, and cold beer.

Not many people imagine the journey to their wedding dress entailing walking past gas pumps to enter a general store that sells compost, groceries, souvenirs, guns, fishing supplies, and beer.

The unconventional items sold at Hussey’s can make the general store appear as an undesirable place to seriously shop for wedding attire, however, customers claim it to be “the best store [they’ve] ever been in.”

Credit: LAD Photography

For many people, it’s difficult to get past the hilarity of the sign or believe it to be true, but men and women swear by it. First-grade teacher, Margaret Boynton, who has been going to Hussey’s her whole life, bought her wedding gown from Hussey’s saying, “I encourage people to go and look, because I think once you actually get into the store you can tell that it’s more than what people expect.”

As pictured below, another woman posted a photo of her and her husband in front of the iconic sign, her husband holding a gun and her a six pack of beer. The quirky photo received over 2,700 FaceBook shares. As it turns out, people really do love the small town, rustic feel Hussey’s provides.

Kristen Ballantyne, manager of the clothing department at Hussey’s, is aware that people are under the impression that if a general store carries wedding gowns, then the gowns must be of a poor variety. However, Ballantyne reassures us that it’s quite the opposite. She says when those people come by, they are pleasantly surprised.

People are surprised by the quality of dresses, the helpfulness of the staff and the affordable prices of the dresses – all of Hussey’s dresses being for no more than $1,100.

People from around the world are beginning to discover this unique shop, thanks to the help of social media. But all they really need to do to find it is to look for Hussey’s iconic sign.

Their sign has remained the same since the ’70s, and the one time they attempted to rearrange the wording, there were immediate objections. I think it’s safe to say that their sign, and their products, won’t be changing anytime soon.