Featured Image for This chef makes the most beautiful raw vegan cakes we’ve ever seen

This chef makes the most beautiful raw vegan cakes we’ve ever seen

At first glance, you’d think you’re looking at a bouquet of flowers, but look closer and you’ll realise you’re actually staring at a cake!

Berlin-based chef Juliana Tar of ‘Culinary Dots’ makes the most appetising and picturesque all-natural raw cakes you’ll ever see on Instagram.

Her confections resemble floral arrangements, with some appearing like assorted blooms, and others like an up-close look at a single flower.

Which one would you pick 😊? These are my little raw vegan fairy cupcakes that I made recently 😊💖 Since I discovered the art of piping flowers I just can't get enough of them 😀👏….and I wish I had much more time to materialize all of my ideas 💕Since then I have to keep a journal . I had the most beautiful idea for a wedding cake and I will start working on that right after the green market by the end of June 💖😊…. I'm so excited 👏so stay tuned for that 😀anyone else having these problems ? If you wanna do so many things at once but you don't have enough time ….but it feels so good if you can finally see the result 💖 First row : raw vegan wild rose cupcakes with passionfruit and berries Second row : raw vegan fairy flower cupcake with vanilla frosting, blue matcha and lemon cupcake, tropical pineapple and orange cupcake Third row : raw vegan succulent cupcake with berries and pink pitaya plus pink poppy flower cupcake with strawberry frosting I'm wishing you all a Happy Tuesday 💕😘 🌺 🌺 🌺 🌺 🌺 #veganberlin #whatveganseat #vegansofinstagram #glutenfree #sugarfree #dairyfree #rohkost #rawvegan #vegansofig #foodiechats #veganwedding #weddingcake #veganvultures #ThriveMags #heresmyfood @food #plantbased @beautifulcuisines @thefeedfeed #feedfeedvegan #berlinvegan #ahealthynut #worldwideveganfood #cakeporn #sweetcuisines #foodsforthought #rawvibesparty #mybhg #cupcakeproject #imsomartha #rawcake #thatsgoodhousekeeping #cupcakeporn

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A raw cake is typically composed of all-natural ingredients, including raw agave nectar, dried fruit, and other natural sweeteners. To make the desserts pop with colour, spices like turmeric are also added.

According to My Modern Met, Juliana doesn’t reveal her recipes, but she has shared some of her ingredients, “like Mexican vanilla, wild berries, and blue matcha.”

Forget salads. Juliana’s cakes are exactly what would convert us into vegans!

These three fully RAW vegan rose cakes are waiting in line to get eaten by you🌹🌹🌹! I was always so in love with roses and therefore wanted to create a really beautiful raw cake that looks like a traditional buttercream cake but is made with raw vegan ingredients only 💖…and here it is ! I already made my first cake with raw brimmed Cashew roses in January but this is the upgraded version as I already made a few of them 😉 The roses are made with Cashew Creme instead of buttercream and colored with beetroot, strawberries and pink pitaya powder and let me tell you they are soooo delicious and on top of it much healthier then the traditional ones 💖💖💖 This is another entry for the #rawvibesparty hosted by the gorgeous Audrey @unconventionalbaker who is a fellow raw and vegan foodie 😊 Audrey came up with the awesome idea to dedicate her account @rawcakevibes to celebrate raw vegan treats, cakes and desserts only 💕💕💕! Because I also love raw desserts so much and I'm raw and vegan for many years already I want to enter these three rose birthday cakes for her party cause I think every birthday party needs some roses to celebrate and three cakes are always better then one 😉🌹🌹🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 #veganberlin #whatveganseat #vegansofinstagram #glutenfree #sugarfree #dairyfree #rohkost #rawvegan #vegansofig #foodiechats #veganwedding #weddingcake #veganvultures #ThriveMags #heresmyfood @food #plantbased @beautifulcuisines @thefeedfeed #feedfeedvegan #foodie_features @foodie_features #ahealthynut #flatlaytoday #gloobyfood #storyofmytable #worldwideveganfood #eattherainbow #sweetcuisines #foodsforthought #healthycuisines #veganshares

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