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Artist puts a red dot in all her tattoos and it looks so elegant

Different artists have varying styles, and Mentat Gamze makes hers stand out by using a simple element: a red dot.

The Istanbul-based artist creates minimalist tattoos often depicting whimsical and surreal subjects, such as fictional landscapes, animals in space, or something as simple as leaves and branches.

Her works are made with line art and strictly black ink, but what sets her art apart from similar styles is her trademark red dot. Most, if not all, of her tattoos have the red dot as an accent in the background, adding a touch of contrast and symbolism in the composition.

According to Gamze, for many years she felt unhappy with various jobs until she discovered her passion for drawing and tattooing. The red dot symbolises her hope and courage amidst trying times.

And during the two years she’s been working as a tattoo artist, her clients have also attached their own meanings to the red dot.

“It was health for one, happiness for another, a lost relative, a planet or just a sinking sun,” she told Bored Panda.

“Two years has been passed since my first tattoo. During this time, I tattooed hundreds of people from all around the world. I listened their stories. I have become part of their lives and I helped them to carry their stories on their bodies with secret symbols.”

To see more of Mentat Gamze’s work, head on over to her Instagram account.

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