Featured Image for ‘Lush Cosmetics’ staff went to work naked for a great cause

‘Lush Cosmetics’ staff went to work naked for a great cause

Most companies discourage their employees from under-dressing, much less going to work naked. Lush Cosmetics, however, has done the exact opposite.

Last week, employees of Lush showed up at work wearing nothing but their black aprons to encourage their customers to go naked as well.

Not naked naked, but rather, naked in terms of environmental impact.

Part of the company’s nationwide campaign, called Get Naked, the stunt seeks to educate consumers about how much waste is produced by excess product packaging. According to their research, plastic packaging accounts for nearly 300,000 tons of floating debris in our oceans, and contributes to 80 percent of garbage found in beaches during clean-ups.

Today, employees in select shops will get naked to educate about the devastating impact of over-packaging . It's about to get cheeky! 🍑🍑🍑 #nakedwithlush

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“Most of the plastic that has ever been produced still exists today, which is why it’s high time for businesses across all industries to take responsibility and present new generations of consumers with eco-friendly alternatives,” said Brandi Halls, Lush’s Director of Brand Communications.

35% of our products are completely naked just like some of our employees today! Brave lushies across North America (voluntarily) stripped down to shed light on the detrimental impact of over-packaging. #nakedwithlush

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Lush has been taking action starting with its own products for years. The brand sells items – from massage bars to scrubs to bath bombs – packaging-free whenever possible. Last year, over two million plastic bottles were kept from being manufactured and thrown away, thanks to eco-minded customers choosing shampoo bars over bottles.

When it comes to packaging, less is more, and none is even better. #rubrubrub #nakedwithlush

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“As a company, we tend to go all the way for causes we believe in,” Halls added. “If flashing our bums inspires consumers and industry to reconsider their packaging practices, then we’d say it’s definitely worth a few blushes.”

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