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You can now bathe in water scented with beer, pizza, or ramen

An appetising way to get yourself cleaned up. Leave it to the Japanese to always push the limits of creativity – to bridge the practicality of everyday life with the possibilities of boundless imagination. One of their latest creations? Food-scented bath powder.

Because why not, right?

We human beings have (unfortunately) been bathing ourselves in all kinds of things since the dawn of man, and this will go down as one of our defining moments.

Responsible for conceiving this wondrous marriage of hygiene and food porn is online novelty store Village Vanguard. A visit to their website will reveal that they’re not kidding about their creations.

And while the bath powder won’t make the water any more edible (thank goodness), people are still eating up the idea. Flavours so far include beer, pizza, coriander, grilled beef, and more.

Take a look:

Yeah, that guy’s having WAY too much fun in that tub.

In all honesty though, save for kinky possibilities we won’t describe in detail, we fail to see the appeal of some of these flavors. The plant ones make sense, but pizza? Come on. It’s a flavour best savored in our mouths. You can’t touch that one.

Whatever the case, we’re sure there’s a market for this in Japan and beyond. Perhaps those who’ll get into it should consider that they may have some kind of bizarre narcissistic tendency they’re satisfying. Read: Don’t just eat the ramen, be the ramen.

What do you think, are you up for a dip in one of these flavors?

For the full menu, click the link below.

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