Featured Image for This woman made ‘Pigeon Shoes’ and it looks absolutely incredible

This woman made ‘Pigeon Shoes’ and it looks absolutely incredible

At first glance, this woman might seem like she’s cruelly wearing two pigeons on her feet, but a closer look reveals that she’s actually wearing high heels that just look like birds!

Japanese artist Kyoto Ohata is the woman in the photo, and according to her, she made the shoes for a noble purpose.

Passing by a nearby park that’s home to flocks of pigeons, she noticed that the birds would fly away whenever humans passed by. Not wanting to upset the birds anymore, she created the heels to ‘blend in’.

Once she stepped out wearing the DIY footwear, the birds weren’t the only ones amused, people were too!

Pigeon Shoes

If you want your own ‘pigeon shoes’, the artist posted a step-by-step tutorial. It involves taking felt and shaping it into different body parts, then gluing all the pieces together on a pair of heels.

Pigeon Shoes

Pigeon Shoes

Pigeon Shoes

Cool – or should I say, coo.

Via My Modern Met

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