Featured Image for This good boy retrieves golf balls to raise money for his animal friends

This good boy retrieves golf balls to raise money for his animal friends

Meet Davos. He’s a Bernese mountain dog who also happens to be an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and cutest golf caddy around.

You see, Davos loves playing fetch. But instead of fetching sticks, he fetches golf balls. In fact, every time he tags along with his human, Al Cooper, he retrieves all the lost golf balls lying around the course.

One day, the pup saw an ad for the Animal Humane Society and he became incredibly heartbroken. Seeing Davos’ talent for fetching, Cooper set up a business that would help his pet help others: they’d sell lost golf balls for 25 cents each, with all the proceeds going to charity.

So far, Davos and Cooper have raised AUS$135 (US$100). Not a lot, but with the local news featuring their efforts, business has picked up. Hopefully, they’ll be able to help a lot of their animal friends with this initiative.

Davos the golf dog

Good boy, Davos! Good boy!

Davos the golf dog

Via The Dodo

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