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These goth lattes are putting the ‘black’ in ‘black coffee’

Showing up on menus in Australia, UK, and Japan, the goth latte is the latest craze to be worthy of an Instagram trend.

Not only is the Goth latte the perfect beverage to match those of us with a dark, dark soul but it’s arrived just in time for the cooler months.

The black coloured beverage starts with dissolving activated charcoal in hot liquid and then adding your favourite coffee over the top. And while charcoal doesn’t sound appealing, it is thought to rid the body of unwanted substances because the toxins get trapped in its millions of tiny pores.

Let the post Easter detox begin. #charcoallatte

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If you’re prepared for the possibility of black teeth and a black coffee moustache, it may just be the coffee of your dreams. Have it with a healthy application of eye liner for the perfect pairing!

When working on a new #latte☕️ recipe #healthyissexy #charcoallatte #blacklatte #detoxlatte with homemade organic almond milk and a few #secretingredients ? #comingsoon #wildandthemoon

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A rather gorgeous charcoal latte don't you think? At @rawberryjuice earlier with my gorgeous mom, the best place in #winchester 🙂 I turned 27 today homies, it sure feels like I should have achieved a lot more by now but isn't that just an illusion we all fall for… I love life, I get to live and that is really all I want. It's easy to want for more and I do all the time, I put unspoken pressure on life, people, situations that I always want to be "better". Ahh… Dear ego: it's your birthday today too and I wish you a chill mindset.. I wish you to relax, smoke a cigar, watch a sunset and read a good book once in a while. You'll feel how good it is to just be and breathe sometime. Night hobbitses. #itsmybirthday #happybirthdaytome #birthdaygirl #omedetougozaimasu #rawberryjuice #plantbased #charcoallatte #veganfood #whatiate #mymomisthebest #loveyourself #minimalist #loveyourbody #selfloveprescriptions #veganlatte #loa #abrahamster #eckharttolle #goodnight

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Black is such a happy color ? meet the #CharcoalLatte #FarmGirlCafe #NottingHill #PortobelloRoad #ngcoffeediary #UKcoffeeweek #allblackeverything ??? #coffeelover #coffeeaddict #coffeedaily #coffeewanderer

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Our CHARCOAL LATTE aka the digestive cleanser ? charcoal works by increasing the binding capacities to remove the toxins from your body. PLUS it taste pretty damn good!

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