Featured Image for Yep, an heroic orangutan really did escape the enclosure at Perth Zoo to save her baby

Yep, an heroic orangutan really did escape the enclosure at Perth Zoo to save her baby

Although Perth Zoo had an orangutan escape its enclosure once before, they never thought it would happen again … until it did.

According to WA Today, this past Sunday orangutan, Sekara, escaped her enclosure to retrieve her baby that had slipped from a piece of equipment and fallen into a nearby garden bed.

But the only way to retrieve her baby was by going onto the visitor board.

Visitors weren’t expecting to see a full-grown orangutan in such close proximity, but they responded well by remaining cool and giving the animal space.

Videos of the event proved the tranquil nature of the orangutan and the mature reactions of the eye-witnesses.

Even though zoo staff were quick to respond to the incident, visitors were still instructed to evacuate as a safety precaution.

Danielle Henry, Perth Zoo’s spokesperson, reported that the incident was “over within 15 minutes,” and described Sekara as remaining calm the entire time. Henry also reported that Sekara returned to her enclosure on her own after retrieving her baby.

Sekara and her baby, Sungai

Needless to say, Perth Zoo reported that they plan to conduct a full review of the incident.

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