Featured Image for Photographer creates the cutest newborn photos with a kitten

Photographer creates the cutest newborn photos with a kitten

Get ready to melt. These photos of a newborn kitten are the cutest thing you’ll see today. We guarantee it.

Kitty Schaub of Kitty Lee Photography seems to be a sucker for all things love related. The photographer also seems to be all about babies… and not just human newborns.

The Michigan-based mum-of-three has just captured the most heartwarming photographs of newborn Luna, the little black kitten. Schaub’s five-year-old daughter Amelie is the lucky owner of the kitten, and boy are we jealous.

A black kitten

Schaub told Mashable, “We thought it would be a quick, funny, cute little shoot, [we had] no clue it would be this crazy!” And aren’t we happy it went this crazy. There’s something a little more comforting about looking at a newborn kitten, than pretending to goggle at your friend’s newborn human.”

A black kitten

The kitten is posed as a little baby in a newborn photoshoot where you can see the animal swaddled in cloth. Luna even has her own teddy bear and flowers in her hair… errr, fur.

A kitten

There’s even been a calendar of Luna, to raise money for Save a Stray, an animal advocacy group committed to the rescue and re-homing of dogs and cats. As of writing, the calendars have already raised AUS$2,688 (US$2,000) for the organisation.

A black kitten

We’re hoping for a mother cat’s maternity shoot next, or even some puppy love with a wedding shoot for dogs. Our hearts are melting… What would you like to see next?

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