So, um, your nipples are the key to your perfect lipstick shade

It turns out the secret to finding the perfect lipstick shade has been hiding under our T-shirts the entire time!

Ask any woman about finding the perfect nude lipstick for your skin tone and she’ll tell you it’s a living nightmare. However, thanks to America’s hit show The Doctors, the game has now been changed.

According to the TV talk show, we can all find our perfect match without hunting down a shop assistant or swatching every lippie in the shop.

So what’s the secret? Your perfect lipstick shade should match the colour of your nipples. Yes, your nipples.


Since the talk show hosts are medical professionals, so there’s got to be some science behind it, right?

As usual, social media users are all over this recent discovery:

The doc is right, “nature knows best”.

Our bodies really are a wonderland.