Featured Image for Domino’s crazy new service syncs your pizza to your vacuum cleaner

Domino’s crazy new service syncs your pizza to your vacuum cleaner

Fast food industry giant Domino’s has launched a free online service that allows you to link your devices and apps to a series of predesignated key events related to your pizza order.

The pizza industry is on a bit of a roll when it comes to useless and redundant marketing gimmicks. Earlier this year, Pizza Hut launched their “Pie Tops”, a pair of sneakers with geotracking that allow you to place an order by pushing a button on the shoe’s tongue.

If that wasn’t silly enough, now Domino’s gives you a way to connect your tv set to your anchovies.

IFTTT -stands for If This Then That– is a free web-based service that enables users to create chains of simple conditional statements, called applets. An applet is triggered by actions occurring in other devices such as smart TV’s and Alexa, or web apps like Gmail and Twitter.

For example, there is an applet that automatically saves to Dropbox the pics you’re tagged in on Facebook. And there’s another one that sends you a notification when your Whirlpool dryer cycle has completed.


Domino’s has partnered with IFTTT to develop applets that perform certain events when triggered by the four predetermined stages of your pizza order:  when the order is being prepped, when it’s in the oven, out for delivery and when it’s ready for pickup.


So you can activate an applet that turns off your sprinkler system and turns your porch lights on when your pizza is out for delivery, just to make things easier for the delivery guy.


There are many predetermined applets available at Domino’s IFTTT website, and you can also create your own through IFTTT. The technology behind this has a myriad of really interesting and useful possibilities. Making your phone play a song when your pizza hits the oven is not exactly one of them.

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