Featured Image for This map shows world population but without country boundaries

This map shows world population but without country boundaries

We all know there are a lot of people in China and India, but this is mind-blowing.

GEOstata, a blog dedicated to making thematic maps of freely available statistical data, has created an infographic detailing world population without any country boundaries. It’s nothing short of eye-opening and shocking.

One look and you’ll immediately notice how China and India are filled to the brim with people. While more remote places, such as certain countries in South America and Africa, only have specks of humanity in them, the two large Asian economies are nearly shaded in.

Some commenters on Reddit even pointed out this aerial photo of Delhi to highlight its ever-growing population and urban density.

It’s also worth noting that East Asia and Southeast Asia contain more shades of blue than the rest of the world combined. Australia, meanwhile, looks almost non-existent with only its east coast filled with civilisation.

What does your country look like in this map?

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