Featured Image for Douche street artist compares Caitlyn Jenner to Pennywise the clown

Douche street artist compares Caitlyn Jenner to Pennywise the clown

An artist who describes himself as “the only true rebel artist in Los Angeles” has sabotaged adverts for Stephen King’s It to send a bigoted message.

Sabo, a right wing street artist in Los Angeles has edited the head of Caitlyn Jenner onto Pennywise the clown. The artist put Jenner’s face behind glass on posters and park benches, near the FOX Studios in Hollywood. On one park bench, Jenner is seen peeking out of a sewer drain, where the clown resides.

“I have nothing against gays or transsexuals just stop trying to normalise it”, said the artist on Twitter.

It is believed that the act was carried out in protest of Jenner’s 2015 sex reassignment surgery, and her recent appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight. Jenner has been promoting her new book, The Secrets of My Life.

“I converted to the Muslim faith and I joined ISIS, so what’s going on with Bruce Jenner goes against my newfound faith,” Sabo told The Hollywood Reporter.

We normally love a bit of guerilla street art, but this gets two thumbs down from us.

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