Featured Image for This is how Disney Princesses would look living in the 21st century

This is how Disney Princesses would look living in the 21st century

No, not like Paris Hilton. It’s nothing new for artists (seasoned, aspiring, or struggling) to mess around with projects on their favorite Disney princesses. Many tread the fanfiction route rather amusingly, from eyebrow-raising maternal fantasies to just straight up weird imaginings.

So we were certainly pleased to come across someone who had a slightly more serious spin on our collective childhood damsels in distress.

LA-based fashion and portrait photographer Qingjian Meng decided to literally flesh out his idea of depicting how Disney princesses would look like in modern-day swag. The project is called Modern Princess, take a look:

Now, while the walk down nostalgia boulevard (or is it a runway?) may seem glamorous, it pays to notice that none of the “modern princesses” are smiling in the portraits.

“The princesses are photographed as if they exist today,” says Meng. “The fantastical, magical props that they carried have been replaced with concrete, everyday objects and modern conveniences.”

Notice how Snow White holds an Apple below. Clever, eh?

“The responsibilities of employment, parenthood, and partnership are conspicuously left out of the typical princess story, minimised to only a single sentence: ‘..and they lived happily ever after.’,” Meng adds.

It’s sort of a rude awakening, throwing shade on the promise of a happy ending for these “perfect” princesses we looked up to as children. It’s particularly poignant considering that much of the Disney generation are at the age now that they’re facing their own real-world struggles.

Heavy, huh? Life’s no fairytale after all.

For more of Meng’s work, visit his website, or follow him on Facebook or Instagram. For more photos of the set, click the link below.

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Modern Princess

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