ZANEROBE is back with its new ‘RISE’ collection

If a new season from ZANEROBE hasn’t gotten you hyped up already, then a chance to win a year’s supply of their products will.

The Australian fashion collective is back better than ever. And in celebration of their 15 years of excellent designs, they’ve dropped their latest collection, called RISE.

“We’ve always set ourselves lofty goals when designing collections,” said Design Director Luke Scott. “And this season we’re also challenging our crew to do the same.”


The new season features lots of earthy tones such as stone, bone, peat, husk, but also colourful shades like citrine, mauve, and blackberry. It also combines old and new, pairing classics like the Blockshot and Sharpshot Denimo with fresh aesthetics like organic washes, naval stripes, plaids, shreds, and rock tour prints.


You can check out the entire collection here. If you want to get a chance to win an entire year’s supply of ZANEROBE gear, head on over here.


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