Featured Image for Make love not war: Vintage photos depicting LOVE during the time of WAR

Make love not war: Vintage photos depicting LOVE during the time of WAR

“Love is like war; easy to begin, hard to end.” – Ann Brashares. As long as the Orange Man in the White House holds the baton over the free world, it’s safe to say that we won’t hear the end of fear-mongering and conspiracy theories suggesting an impending third World War.

While much of the world has considerably less to fear these days (compared to the last hundred years) in terms of a ‘traditional war’ being fought on their home soil, the implications of any kind of global conflict are still very real.

If Syria is any indication, the civilian casualties and effect on entire populations and economies can still be grave. As for most of the English-speaking world, something that’ll hit closer to home would be the presence of our countrymen in these conflict zones.

We’re not about to raise an argument for the necessity of war or any country’s level of military involvement in ‘bringing peace’ anywhere, but we simply wish to share this treasure trove of some vintage war photos that remind us of the sacrifices service members continue to make until today. Have a look:

Greta Friedman, the woman kissed by the sailor in Times Square passed away Sat Sept 10, 2016 at age 92. #beyondbandofbrothers #beyondbandofbrotherstour #worldwar2 #worldwarii #greatestgeneration #wartimephotography #wwii #ww2 #warsover #timessquare #historybuff #historicalpic #militarytour

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Love this #wartimephotography #photography #love #hope #blackandwhitephotography

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A soldier and a girl kissing

We’re suckers for surprise military homecomings, so this was right up our alley.

These powerful moments were captured during times when both individual and collective emotions were at a fever pitch. Some of these were sendoffs, while some were homecomings. Pay attention not only to the subjects of the portraits, but to the observers.

A soldier and a girl kissing

A soldier and a girl kissing

One can only imagine what kind of emotional and mental rollercoaster people who lived during wartime may have gone through. Not knowing if someone’s coming back home, or off to deployment once again. We’re grateful to the photographers who were able to capture these moments. May these photographs serve us in the next hundred and thousand years of war and peace.

A girl kissing a soldier

Frederick C. Branch, first African American officer of the United States Marine Corps. Nov, 1945, his wife pinning on his Second Lieutenant's bars. #beyondbandofbrotherstour #beyondbandofbrothers #worldwar2 #worldwar2history #wwii #ww2 #worldwarii #marines #marinecorps #africanamericans #oohrah #history #historybuff #historicalpix #1940s

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Vietnamese women kissing ARVN Soldier 1968 #history #war #warhistory #warphotography #battle #vietnam #vietnamwar #military #militaryhistory #army #historychannel #historygeek #historybuff #combat #combathistory #campaign #retro #classic #vintage #southvietnam #southvietnamesearmy

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For the complete photo set, click the link below.

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