Featured Image for This cheeky Instagram account is all about butt vacation photos

This cheeky Instagram account is all about butt vacation photos

On Instagram, people are getting behind an account that shows nothing but butts.

Called ‘@CheekyExploits’, the page curates the best and cheekiest butt vacation pics sent by travelers everywhere. It includes photos taken by the beach, by lush rainforests, and by mountaintops, and even in quiet city streets.

As of writing, the account already has 201K followers.

The account is owned by a 31-year-old woman from London who is known only as ‘Cheeky’. In an interview with HuffPost, she said she started the page last July after being inspired by a traveler who has been flashing his butt all around the world.

“I thought this was such a fun idea and my friends, husband and I already had a small collection of photos similar to this,” said Cheeky. “So I started the account as a fun way to share them amongst our friend group.”

Since then, others have gotten in on the action, sending in their own NSFW images and starting a trend.

“I never meant for the account to necessarily be about travel and certainly never intended to start a trend,” she said. “It was just a bit of fun and, also, I enjoyed encouraging people to be comfortable with their bodies and participate for the thrill and confidence boost.”

While some have expressed disapproval for the trend she’s started, Cheeky defends that all the pictures she posts were chosen in good taste. She often rejects submissions captured in front of the bathroom mirror, or shot too close-up, or are just too sexual.

If you’re interested in sending a photo, Cheeky has a few tips:

“The most friendly butt locations tend to be fields, cliffs and beaches,” she said. “I find that people are more comfortable stripping down when they can do so with less risk.”

Also, don’t forget to read about local customs and traditions first before flashing – no buts about it!

Via Huffington Post

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