Featured Image for We WISH that ‘Gasolina’ cover by Radiohead was real, but it’s not

We WISH that ‘Gasolina’ cover by Radiohead was real, but it’s not

It’s so hard to define what genre Radiohead belongs to. Sometimes they’re Alternative, other times they’re Art Pop. And now, they’re even doing Reggaeton (or so it seems).

A video of Radiohead’s Thom Yorke doing a cover of Daddy Yankee’s 2004 hit ‘Gasolina’ has gone viral. It shows the musician dancing and singing the popular reggaeton track in front of a pumped-up crowd.

Sadly, while we all would like this cover song to be real, it isn’t.

The footage actually came from the band’s April 17 show in Berkeley, California, wherein Yorke was filmed performing the song ‘Myxomatosis’ instead of ‘Gasolina’.

This isn’t the first time the Daddy Yankee song has been overlayed over other artists’ live performances. Previously, Celine Dion did a similar ‘cover’.

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