Featured Image for Behold, the world’s FIRST energy cup noodle is coming!

Behold, the world’s FIRST energy cup noodle is coming!

Students have long relied on instant noodles and Red Bull as a source of energy during late-night cramming sessions. Now, they only have to rely on one of these items.

Japanese food company Nissin, has announced the release of their Red Bull equivalent – the Energy Cup Noodle.

The science behind the energising Miso soup is the amino acid arginine and vitamin B3 (niacin) present in the stock, which provides the same function as an energy drink. However, the flavour is a rich pork, ginger and garlic as opposed to the sickly sweet berry flavours which embellish most energy drinks.

The company claims the meal is satisfying and filling due to added ingredients such as pork, cabbage, egg, capsicum, and of course, noodles.

This could help us stay awake and study… but we think we’ll stick to coffee, thanks.

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