Featured Image for Wendy’s roasted McDonald’s and Twitter can’t get enough of it

Wendy’s roasted McDonald’s and Twitter can’t get enough of it

Wendy’s and McDonald’s are having a fast food showdown. It’s not a fight to see who has the most burger sales, but rather, the most burns handed out on Twitter.

Just recently, McDonald’s announced something very exciting. By 2018, they plan to be using fresh beef in their quarter pounder burgers at “most of” their restaurants – yay!

Wait, what are we eating now?

Fast-food chain Wendy’s must have also been grossed out by the announcement, that they decided to start some beef (yes, pun intended) with McDonald’s via Twitter.

Of course, the people of the internet jumped on the bandwagon and ended up egging Wendy’s along.

Someone give the Wendy’s social media manager a big fat raise!

WATCH: this video is pretty outrageous

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