Featured Image for These haunting portraits are about black women who disappeared in the US

These haunting portraits are about black women who disappeared in the US

Social media users and artists have come together to raise awareness for missing black women, and it’s truly touching.

Recently, people have been taking to Twitter to try to raise awareness about missing African-American women in Washington D.C.

Apart from sending out tweets, artist Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle has joined in with an art project called The Evanesced. It involves the artist making 100 paintings (or as she calls it, ‘un-portraits’) that depict the fictional and real stories of thousands of women who have disappeared through human trafficking, colonialism, homicides, and other unknown reasons.

What the wee hours of the morning gave me…#TheEvanesced #Powder #emergingfromerasure #KACHStudio #introspective

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Using India ink and a brush made from Spanish moss, Hinkle creates humans who seem to be incomplete or fading away, appearing like apparitions or bodies in decay. The drawings don’t represent 100 actual missing women, but rather, symbolise someone being erased and forgotten.

What the wee hours of the morning brought me…#unraveling #TheEvanesced #KACHStudio #Ilovethesewomen #emergingfromerasure #indiaink #makeyourowndrawingtools #midnightoils

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“It’s not a strange coincidence because this erasure happens every day, all over the nation,” she told The Huffington Post. “It has been a state of emergency for a long time. It just depends on who is looking at it and who is talking about it.”

What the wee hours of this morning brought me. I didn't go to bed til 4:50am! These drawings wouldn't let me sleep!! 😜I did about 20 and peeped canvases. I spliced these two drawings together with the Layout app. I am working on 7 large panels that will have figures in conversation. I like how juxtapositions are starting to emerge. These pages are so full. I am experimenting with compacted space and minimal space. Turning so many corners. Shout out to also binge watching the entire season 3 while I prepared canvases too! Damn you Lucious Lyon!! So many problematic layers this season. Felt good to catch up cause Ise been traveling. #KACHStudio #TheEvanesced #Whentheworkcallsitcalls #Inprogress ❤️❤️❤️

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She added: “It’s about this idea they are shrouded in erasure. These cases, we don’t talk about them, or we focus on the killers. But these women, these presences, are more than that.”

One of my favorites from The Evanesced drawing series. Some days I feel exactly like this woman. I am shaking so much off my back joyously. It lightens the load and allows me to dance like there is no tomorrow cause it will be what I say it will be! #KACHStudio #TheEvanesced #Ink #Manifesting #2017isalreadylit #Thrive ❤️❤️❤️

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#mood #TheEvanesced #Dancingthroughthesedeadlines #2017

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The Evanesced: I was so terrified about this leap in scale but I knew the work had to shift this way. My work often tells me what to do. Especially this body of work. I had so much fun making new brushes and dancing it out with these canvases that are 48 x 72. It's so powerful to see new women emerge in this way and they form a interesting relationship with the smaller works. I am so thrilled about how they are manifesting and what they have to say. Stay tuned for more details… #Upcomingsoloshow #TheEvanesced #KACHStudio #Worksabouterasure #newwork #manifesting #staytuned #2017

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With no fear I promise myself to walk through the next 4 years like this. Strong, persistent, taking up space, knowing that I have a right to belong whether policy or laws protect me as a Black woman or not. This is some ancestral strength I am calling on. They did so much more with so much less. So many laws deemed them not to be human. These terms are still used under NHI to describe cases that involve the death of the black body. But I know one thing you can't fuck with me and my power. I know this. I will not walk in fear. I worked too hard to leave it. I will continue to focus on thriving/nourishing myself and others. This country got me all the way fucked up if they think I won't. It's time to work. These times show us all what we are truly made of. #Nofear #MyAncestorsbuiltthiscountry #Iaintplaying #Worktodo #TheEvanesced #Thrive

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Sometimes you just gotta dance with a storm cloud. I am thinking of calling this one "Lawdy Mama This Too Shall Pass. Or "Gettin Dat Monkey Off My Back" I love it so much. She dancing from it, with it, and nearby it. She staring it down all the same. #KACHStudio #TheEvanesced #Unpackingfrommyresidency 😍😍😍

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😍😍Getting ready for Art Miami!! 😍😍 @jenkinsjohnsongallery #TheEvanesced #NewWork #Worksabouterasure

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