Featured Image for This dad made his kid the most epic cardboard knight armor ever

This dad made his kid the most epic cardboard knight armor ever

Costume-making for children is basically a creative parent competition, and this kid’s dad should have a gold medal for his badass Gothic-style cardboard armour.

Stockholm-based artist Warren King has gone above and beyond for his son. Not satisfied with a store-bought Batman job, this father has taken to a cardboard box Ned Kelly-style and the results are tremendous.

Using glue, Velcro, and other readily available materials he set about engineering a knight that could slay even the most beastly papier mache dragon.

A helmet

A body armour

By thinking ahead and following a careful pattern, he neatly avoided your typical box and toilet roll arrangement and came up with a suit of armour that bends at the knees and joints – and also looks phenomenal.

The cardboard shoes

To cap it all off, King did a legit paint job that has vague similarities to the Black Knight from Monty Python, always a winner.

A black knight

King also makes other more complex cardboard sculptures, all of which you can see on his website.

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