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Squirrel carries taco up a tree, is now everyone’s hero

In 2015, we had Pizza Rat. Now two years later, we have a successor to the internet sensation: Taco Squirrel.

In Brooklyn, a squirrel was seen happily munching on a hard-shell taco up on a tree. Twitter user Maria Bianchi captured the amusing sight, and captioned the photo, “Move over, Pizza Rat.”

Seeing rodents eating food scraps from the trash is nothing new in New York City. However, finding one that managed to drag a fragile hard-shell taco as big as itself up a tree is a rare find – and the internet agrees.

Some have even come out to challenge Taco Squirrel’s viral supremacy.

Not much else is known about the hungry rodent. All we know is that he’s an inspiration to us all. You be you, Taco Squirrel.

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