Featured Image for Artist creates amazing porcelain sculptures that cover females with elements of nature

Artist creates amazing porcelain sculptures that cover females with elements of nature

This artist creates gorgeous, feminine porcelain sculptures of women and nature intertwining.

Multidisciplinary French artist Juliette Clovis works with the female body to create these eye-catching representations of women in contemporary society and history.

The artist blends the form of a woman (mainly bust and head) with nature and myth to create a warm yet worrying atmosphere. She integrates the femininity of elements such as butterflies with contrasting elements such as horns and quills to create the end result.

According to Clovis’ website, her art is “Conjugating ambiguity and employing metaphors, Juliette’s work wobbles between a prophetic picture announcing the birth of a new living being, human body with a half-animal half-vegetable face; and the onset of death caused by an hungry nature wanting to take back its rights.”

Her work was previously brought to life on a 2D scale, however since 2014, has embedded itself in her sculptures. All the artist’s sculptures are made by hang in the style of Limoges porcelain. On-glaze painting is used when Clovis wants to add colour to the art.

Her website further describes her art as “Mixes between contemporary expressions and classical forms, dialogue between history and modernity.”

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