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Brits cry foul as the post-Brexit cost of Guinness, Baileys set to skyrocket

Just under a year since Britain decided to leave the European Union and the implications are becoming clear.

While a desertion of foreign students and workers, a rapidly falling pound and the threat of economic and cultural isolation hasn’t seemed to dent Brits’ appetite for continuing the Brexit process, something new just might.

Brexit is set to hit Brits where it really hurts – the liver. The Guardian is reporting that prices of Guinness and Baileys are to increase.

The products are made just over the border in the Republic of Ireland, but the impact of Brexit is likely to see the border changed from effectively a chalk line to a Trump-esque wall – making it harder for Brits to get their favourite booze.

Everyone loves Guinness. OK well not everyone, but plenty of folks do. But at least everyone loves Baileys. So creamy.

Baileys is made from cream from below and above the Ireland-Northern Ireland border, meaning there will be complex trade and transport issues to consider.

Indeed, the canned version of Guinness – yes, there is one – might be even more expensive, as it crosses the border twice. It’s sent up to Belfast for canning, before being sent back to Dublin where it’s exported.

No news yet on how much a pint will cost post-Brexit, but there’s a good chance it’ll sober the Brits up enough to realise what they’ve actually done.

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