Featured Image for The world’s strongest coffee has finally arrived in the US

The world’s strongest coffee has finally arrived in the US

Have you ever slept through multiple alarms and missed an early morning flight? Do you struggle to keep your eyes open for longer than four hours a day? Are you simply mean without the bean?

Fear not friends, we have a solution for you. It’s called Black Insomnia and it’s the world’s strongest coffee.

We can hear the sound of your eyeballs rolling back into your head already. But seriously, this stuff is in a whole different ballpark to your triple shot latte.

Black Insomnia coffee

Created by caffeine fiend Sean Kristafor, Black Insomnia contains approximately 702mg of caffeine per cup. That’s about twice the daily recommended caffeine limit. Need more convincing? This stuff is 6.3% stronger than its closest competitor, which is literally called Death Wish!

Black Insomnia coffee

If you’re game, you can purchase Black Insomnia in bean, grind or capsule format right here. Cue the anxiety.


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