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This makeup artist turned herself into every Sailor Moon character

We’ve all seen our fair share of poorly-executed Sailor Moon cosplay. But this is really good.

A German makeup artist by the name of Regina has been posting examples of her work, in which she has fully transformed herself into every single one of the main characters from the beloved 1990s anime series (with the exception of Tuxedo Mask, for obvious reasons).

For comparison, here’s the original crew of Sailor Moon’s team of so-called Sailor Soldiers:

And here are Regina’s recreations of the team members:

Now that’s impressive. It obviously took a lot of time and effort to nail the exact look of each team member. And this is so much better than we’ve come to expect from Sailor Moon cosplay, which has earned a bad name as the go-to sexy Halloween costume for unimaginative party girls everywhere.

For those who are fans of the original show but can’t quite remember all the characters, you might want to see a few of the individual comparisons.

Here’s Sailor Mercury as she appeared in the original series:

And this is Regina’s recreation of the character:

Next up is Sailor Venus, who looks like this in the original series:

And now here’s Regina’s attempt to capture the character’s look:

Next up is Sailor Mars, who looked like this:

And here’s Regina stepping into the role:

It’s really quite stunning. And while you can check out the rest of the team members on Regina’s Instagram account, we’d be remiss if we didn’t leave you with her Sailor Moon comparison. Of course, everyone remembers what Sailor Moon looked like:

And here’s Regina’s version of the star of the show:

It doesn’t get much more accurate than that! So when you’re planning your last-minute Sailor Moon costume for Halloween next year, remember to check out Regina’s work for a few ideas. And maybe one of these days she’ll get around to showing us her Tuxedo Mask cosplay…

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