Featured Image for Artist makes crushed cans that look like Ming Dynasty porcelain

Artist makes crushed cans that look like Ming Dynasty porcelain

In his ongoing series, entitled Drinking Tea, artist Lei Xue merges past and present by creating soda cans that appear like they’re from 600 years ago.

Fascinated by art history, the Chinese artist makes sculptures of crumpled, discarded soda cans. However, instead of using aluminum as the material, Xue uses white porcelain. And in lieu of brand labels, Xue handpainted each item with blue patterns and images reminiscent of Ming Dynasty ceramics.

Crumpled ceramic cans

According to Gallery Martina Deterrer, Xue sees aluminum cans and ceramic teacups as reflections of humanity’s unbridled consumption and throwaway culture.

“The human need for drinking manifests itself in the external form of the cans as well as in their design. It is timeless and endures the entire history of mankind.”

Crumpled ceramic cans

To see more of Lei Xue’s work, head on over here.

Crumpled ceramic cans

Crumpled ceramic cans

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