Featured Image for Parents are mad after seeing this line of high heels for babies

Parents are mad after seeing this line of high heels for babies

Babies get dressed up in weird stuff all the time, from funny statement shirts to animal onesies to cosplay costumes. And now, we can add one more to that list: high heels.

Pee Wee Pumps, a company based in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, is selling soft flexible stilletos with collapsible heels for infants. The shoes, made for babies up to six months old, are described as “cool” and “diva defining.”

Images of babies wearing the heels, along with feathers and pearls, have sparked outrage among parents. Some commented that sexualising children in such photos were “wrong” and “disgusting,” others expressed their concern about the effects of the items on tiny growing feet.

“Consumer feedback: the idea behind these products is hideous,” said user Mellisa Balinski on Facebook. “That’s a new person you’re talking about, not a fashion accessory.”

Michele Holbrook, founder of Pee Wee Pumps, has hit back against her critics. In a statement on the company website, she wrote that her products are not for walking, but rather, for those looking to dress their baby in high-fashion apparel.

In an interview with Footwear News, she added: “They look at it like you’re sexualizing babies. That’s their opinion if they want to take it, but they are intended as a photo prop, and mothers want to use it as a fashion accessory.

“It’s like putting a baby into a cute romper or tutu — it’s an accessory and there’s no more to it.”

What do you think? Cute, ridiculous, or dangerous?

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