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These cats are having so much fun playing in these holes

Sorry, cardboard boxes. Cats have found a new place to hang out and play: the drain pipes.

Japanese photographer Nyan Kichi loves documenting the stray cats he comes across every day. Some of these felines have even made a particular stretch of street their playground, turning drain pipe holes into tiny windows.

Kichi’s photos show the cats popping in and out of the holes, oftentimes with only their cute little heads visible from above ground.

Other times, the furry creatures try to jump in head first, which gets them stuck in awkward positions!

Once they’ve tired themselves out, the cats will just chill and lie down.

Kichi even brought them a toy to play with – a hammer that makes it look like the cats are from Whack-a-Mole.

These lovable strays might not have traditional toys like cardboard boxes and laser pointers, but they sure do know how to make the best of what they’ve got!

See more of Nyan Kichi’s photography over on Instagram.

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猫団子大盛一丁! 寒波襲来、団子で乗りきれ野良猫

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