This cat photographer captures the beauty of her favourite animals

    Felicity Berkleef is a 21-year-old self-taught photographer from the Netherlands who specialises in cat photography.

    Known for her photos of her two cats, Nero and Tommie, wrapped in blankets looking out the window, Berkleef typically likes to photograph cats outdoors. She stated, “I prefer to photograph them outside, because cats love to explore and for me it it easier to capture them on their natural behavior.”

    Her photos often portray community cats – in alleyways and on fences, benches, and rooftops – that exude confidence as they stare into her lens. Her signature style of highly-contrasted photos draw the viewer in and leave them wanting more.

    A cat

    She uses a Canon EOS 6D and an 85mm lens, which creates a blurry background and ensures that the focus stays on the subject and not on the surroundings. Her goal is not to simply take snapshots of cats, but to create storytelling photos.

    A cat in the street

    Berkleef credits her passion for photographing cats with helping her deal with insecurity and overcoming a dark past. She was previously insecure and introverted, a result of being bullied and dealing with her mother’s illnesses.

    “Photography was a little escape to not focus on the negative things, but on the positive things,” she said. “Even though I still struggle a little with depression, photography has helped me a lot to become a more positive person.”

    A cat's ortrait

    See more of Felicity Berkleef’s photography over on Instagram.

    Two cats on a fence

    A cat sitting down

    A closeup of a cat

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