WATCH: This declassified US Gov footage of a nuclear blast will literally take your breath away

We read about the immense power of nuclear blasts in textbooks, but it’s not until you see it like this that you truly appreciate their power.

Hundreds of videos of nuclear weapons tests have been declassified by the US Government and shared on YouTube to try and preserve the rare videos that have been decaying in decades-old vaults.

The 210 tests, conducted between 1945 and 1962, were carried out by the American Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in New Mexico, Nevada and the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

The keen-eyed among you would have noticed that these tests were being carried out during the Cold War when the threat of all-out nuclear warfare was terrifyingly real.

As we all know (because you know, we’re alive), thankfully it didn’t come to that – but these videos show just how utterly devastating nuclear weapons are.

Even without sound, the footage is equal parts mesmerising, harrowing and awe-inspiring – putting on full display the enormous destructive capabilities of man.

Check out the videos in the playlist below:

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