Featured Image for A snake came out of the car air vent while this lady was driving

A snake came out of the car air vent while this lady was driving

What’s the worst, most distracting thing that can happen in your car while you’re driving? Maybe a snake crawling out of your car’s air vent? Yeah, that’s probably it.

That’s what happened the other day to Monica Dorsett, a Florida woman who was just minding her own business, driving down the highway, when an unwanted visitor suddenly appeared in the car’s air conditioning vent.

To the driver’s credit, the situation ended calmly and with no harm to anyone, or the snake.

It’s hard to know what the right reaction would be in this situation. Do you pull over? Crash the car? Grab the snake and bite its head off?

Whether you think you’d be scared, shocked, or angry, there’s one thing we can all agree on: Samuel L. Jackson’s reaction would be one of outright exasperation, if past experience is any indication.

Social media users naturally had to weigh in on this story, and the fact that this was yet another sensational Florida story was not lost on them. People will take any opportunity to make fun of poor old Florida, it seems.

But this could even happen in colder climates, especially if your neighbour owns a pet snake that gets loose. Happens all the time in apartment buildings, with dangerous snakes hiding out in the walls, coming out of the toilet, chillin’ under your bedclothes …

Okay, it’s not really that common. But you still might want to consider closing your car’s air vents if you’re not using them.

Although if there’s another snake-emerging-from-an-air-conditioner story just a week after this last one, it’s sure to get you a lot of attention.

Via Metro.

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