These stockings are made to give your legs the illusion of piercings

No pain, no problem. Get this unique look without paying the price of puncture.

Japanese model and designer Yuri Yumetsuki is the brain behind CuLLt, a rather odd brand of clothes and accessories. One of her latest creations is worth a hard look – corset piercing stockings that serve their practical purpose, but give the subtle illusion of having pierce points laced with ribbons.

They’re certainly eye-catching, and seem to be well-made enough that the ribbons and ‘pierce rings’ won’t feel bulky.

Below are a few photos to give you a better idea of how the stockings look when worn:

Ribbon colors include sky blue, white, wine, purple, and black. A pair goes for about AUS$75 (US$56) on this comprehensive online catalog.

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For more of Yuri Yumetsuki’s work, check out CuLLt on Twitter or Instagram.

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