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Bieber fires back at Aussie paparazzis with an A+ Summer Heights High impression

Justin Bieber hasn’t always dealt with paparazzis very well, but this time he nailed it.

I imagine it would be annoying as hell having paps invade your privacy literally everywhere you go, so I’m not about to hurl stones at the Biebs for his past run-ins.

I will however, heap praise on him for having a bloody red hot crack at impersonating an Australian icon, Jonah from Summer Heights High.

It all started on the Sunshine Coast when the Biebs was *welcomed* to the city by the paps, and he responded by flipping them off – with a bunch of F-bombs for good measure.

That made the news, because I dunno, apparently that’s worthy of national news headlines, and the singer had the perfect response:

I was saying ‘puck you’ m’aam.

SORRY BEN – If you don’t get the context its from an Australian TV show called "Summer Heights High".

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Look, yes, it’s not the greatest impersonation you’ve ever heard, the ‘period’ reference was wildly unnecessary, and you would think he could afford a video editor with some more updated software than a 2010 edition of iMovie.

But it’s the thought that counts and Summer Heights Heigh + self-deprecating humour is a pretty good way to get on Aussies’ good sides.

Not bad, Biebs,

Not bad at all.

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