Featured Image for Planetary-inspired coffee pods that are almost too pretty to drink (almost!)

Planetary-inspired coffee pods that are almost too pretty to drink (almost!)

Apparently a coffee shortage is imminent. But before that terrifying future occurs, here’s an intersection between coffee and the future which we can all enjoy.

Designer Younggyu Kwon has created a futuristic design for a coffee machine for Yanko Design in conjunction with PDF HAUS.

The machine brings together minimalistic aesthetics in a machine which is designed to resemble a space craft. The vibe brings together the outer-world and the real world.

The machine is being named Dot/Dot. It’s contemporary design boasts remote control functions and practical touch display.

The coffee pods which fit the design have also been imagined to resemble planets of our solar system.

Coffee does indeed make the world go ’round.


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