Featured Image for Artist creates semi-robotic sculptures of endangered animals with nothing but junk

Artist creates semi-robotic sculptures of endangered animals with nothing but junk

His message is clear: the waste we’re producing and dumping into our seas is killing everything off and we need to stop.

Corsica-born artist Gilles Cenazandotti did what he was supposed to do. He followed his career road map and found success in Paris, designing for many prestigious people and companies. But a few years ago, he veered off course, and pursued a more personal advocacy in his art.

Today, Cenazandotti’s creations are no longer stylish runway shows and elaborate Christmas windows, but meticulously crafted robotic-looking sculptures of endangered animals built from, well, junk.

He’s taking plastic garbage washing onto the shores of his homeland, and he’s using it to create masterpieces. See for yourself.

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“The artist plays on irony, creating the beautiful animals from by-products of petroleum — a substance that is largely to blame for destroying their natural habitats and surrounding environments. His work highlights man’s forcing of animals to adapt to new, different habitats, and at the same time points towards a limit, when the sea can no longer absorb human waste,” writes Beatrice Murray-Nag.

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Sadly, with the amount of waste floating around the Earth’s seas and oceans, Cenazandotti will have more than he can handle in a lifetime.

Beach Plastic Artwork. Lost & found on the beach. Vestiges de la mer www.facebook.com/cenazandottigaleriesebban #tideart #gillescenazandotti #lespucesdeparissaintouen

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For more of Cenazandotti’s work, visit his website or click the link below.

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