Featured Image for This website has a competition to design the post-Brexit passport

This website has a competition to design the post-Brexit passport

We all know about the global fiasco that is Brexit, but there’s finally something positive coming out of the whole situation.

Okay, maybe it’s not super positive, but it’s definitely exciting for budding artists.

Architecture and design magazine Dezeen has announced an unofficial competition for a redesign of the British passport. The winner will take home £1,000 (AUS$1,600), with £500 (AUS$800) for second place, and £250 (AUS$400) for third place.

The competition is open to all, including professional designers, non-designers, and students. Entries will be judged based on a combination of a powerful overall idea, great execution, and a convincing explanation for their work.

“The EU referendum vote divided the country, with the majority of creatives voting to remain in the EU,” said Dezeen editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs.

“Whether we like it or not, Brexit is going to happen. So it’s time to start thinking about what image the UK wants to project and trying to create a positive vision for the future. A new passport could help achieve that.”

Though it’s not government official, the winning designs will be exhibited at the London Design Museum. Get your crayons out everyone, it’s time to get designing.

To find out more about entering the competition, head on over here.

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