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This Japanese mascot sure is one hell of a death metal drummer

Apparently, the mascots in Japan are not only good at being cute and delightful, they’re also good at cranking out death metal tunes.

On Twitter recently, a video of a Japanese cat mascot playing the drums has gone viral, getting more than nearly 90K retweets and 110K likes. It shows a red cartoon character doing a death metal cover of Anpanman’s March, the theme song to the kids’ anime series Soreike! Anpanman.

If that’s not enough badassery right there, here’s another clip of the mascot doing some rock-star posturing.

Not much else is known about the talented musician behind the mask, but the mascot’s name is Nyango – also known as Nyan-cho, Nyannotate, and Nyango Star. The character has over 40K followers on Twitter and has other drum covers, including Slipknot and the Ventures.

First, ‘cockroach moshing’. Now, a mascot drummer. What’s next, Japan?

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