Featured Image for Forget Belgium… this chef in New Caledonia makes THE most glorious chocolate desserts

Forget Belgium… this chef in New Caledonia makes THE most glorious chocolate desserts

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With New Caledonia being an overseas territory of France, it’s only natural they inherited French cuisine – including the best chocolate confections this side of the Pacific.

Patrick Morand is one of those spearheading the culinary revolution in New Caledonia. Born in Normandy, Morand went to work in Switzerland and the US before setting up shop in Noumea a decade ago.

Now, his store Chocolats Morand draws in large crowds, thanks to his beautiful and delectable chocolate desserts, which include ingredients such as lemon, passionfruit, and honey.


“I like to play with chocolate, I like to play with the spice, the fruit… I’m trying new things all the time. People are surprised by what we do,” he says.

Morand also imports chocolate from as far as Madagascar, Mexico, Tanzania, and Venezuela. “I like to experiment,” he says. “If you play with all the flavours, you can get thirty different kinds of chocolate.”


Apart from chocolates, Morand also makes other kinds of sweets – like macarons, marshmallows, crème caramel, fruit jellies, and madeleines – all of which you can watch being lovingly made through the store’s front window.

Enjoy an amazing blend of French and Pacific cuisine, less than three hours from home, whilst taking in some of the most beautiful views imaginable! Find out more about how to experience the real New Caledonia here.

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