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Artist sculpts the most insane patterns on fruits and vegetables

In Japan, people don’t play with their food, but rather, they turn it into art using a tradition called mukimono.

The craft involves carving images onto skins of fruits and vegetables, resulting in garnishings that border on sculptural art. One local artist continuing this tradition is a man simply known as Gaku.

Using an x-acto knife, Gaku shaves and carves various produce to make incredibly-intricate geometric shapes and patterns. It’s even more impressive considering he only has a few minutes to get it done before the food oxidises and discolours.

Just look at his apple sculptures. They look like they’ve only been freshly peeled a few seconds ago!

If you want to learn about the craft, Gaku says that it’s best to start practicing on a banana, as the fruit is cheap and easy to carve.

As for his ephemeral works, the artist doesn’t do anything to preserve them. He actually just eats them. “Except,” he adds, “for the banana peel.”

To see more of Gaku’s work, check out his Instagram account.

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