This anonymous Instagram account is actually run by a famous photographer

RUMI, or ‘Ruminant Reserve‘ is an Instagram account dedicated to colour, composition, design, and light. It’s also a secret account by a secret photographer.

The images are reminiscent of film photography of days gone by. Although these photographs weren’t taken with film (they were captured on an iPhone), the photos are clearly planned and deliberate, yet still quite spontaneous.


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Feature Shoot got an inside scoop from the artist himself.


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Apparently, this Instagram account is a hobby. The photographer, who has hundreds of thousands of followers on his other IG account, is also a daytime drummer, designer, husband, and dad.


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The account was created for ‘in-between moments’ – for taking mundane, everyday life photos without having to succumb to the pressure of pleasing a massive audience.

He also uses these pictures as a way to grab the attention of an inattentive audience. “I think a lot is overlooked right around us,” he said.

#RRSundaySpecial — feat. @joshuascarlson 💧🚌

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The secrecy of the account is primarily for fun, but his followers are beginning to become suspicious of his identity. Often posting pictures on his public and private account, people are connecting the dots.

“This outlet brings me much joy,” he added, “and I hope that can be transferred to the people following along as well.”


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Have any idea who this photographer is?

It's Sunday! So indeed it's time for another #rrsundayspecial — this week features a lovely snap by my friend, @digaaron from California 🤙🏼

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Castle Rock🕌

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