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78-year-old channels her inner Chuck Norris and beats up three muggers

A pensioner from the UK pulled off a John Wick and confronted three men who were attempting to mug her. She allegedly smashed the face of one of the attackers against the ATM machine, scaring them to oblivion.

Winifred Peel is definitively not a lady to take lightly. The 78-year-old local of Bromborough, Wirral, never imagined she’d make headlines on the night she went to withdraw from the ATM.

“The complainant became aware of somebody standing to her right,” said prosecutor William Beardmore.

“He pushed against her, causing her to rock to one side, and she recognized him as a male she had seen exiting Barclays Bank earlier.”

Then she noticed there was a second male behind her, a guy she also previously saw at the bank.

Felix Stoica, one of the juvenile assailants, leaned over and typed ‘£200’ to withdraw. GRAVE MISTAKE YOU PUNY HUMAN. That’s the moment when Mrs Peel decided she’d had enough.

“She took hold of the second male by the collar and banged his head against the cash machine three times to try and stop him,” added Beardmore.

Ouch. Pretty hardcore eh? Stoica and his two accomplices, Piper Dumitru and Florin Geblescu, ran away but were captured by the police shortly after.

Three men arrested for assault

According to  Beardmore, the crime was premeditated, as the three lads specifically drove to the village to find ‘easy targets’.

Previously, Stoica had numerous convictions for robbery while the other two had no felonies on record. The defense team described their clients as having made a terrible mistake (no kidding) due to financial struggles.

18-year-old Geblescu was sentenced to 18 months, while Dumitru, also 18, was given eight months. 19-year-old Felix Stoica, meanwhile, was booked two years in a young offenders’ institution.

As for Mrs Peel, she did a recollection of the events for Good Morning Britain, saying “… and while I’m doing I’m thinking, oh my God, I’m going to get done for assault.”

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