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These grotesque images of Donald Trump are too much

Illustrator Rob Israel specialises in a unique crossover between politics and pop culture and his latest target is US President Donald Trump.

Trump has been a subject of discussion around the world in recent times and Israel’s depictions of the leader of the free world don’t leave much to the imagination.

He makes references to The Lion King, Star Wars and Batman amongst other staples of popular culture as Trump’s political ideology and rise to power are examined via grotesque cartoons.

Amongst his more poignant creations is an image of Vladimir Putin hoisting Trump in the air in a homage to the iconic scene from The Lion King.

“Both Simba and Trump are born into elite and powerful statuses. The message of ‘Lion King’ is that everyone serves a purpose in the circle of life,” Israel told The Creators Project. “So the rich eat the poor much like Trump’s predatory capitalist beliefs will hurt the less fortunate. He thinks of himself as a lion and believes he has been ordained to be president, even though he lost the popular vote by three million.”


Israel’s work is both pleasing and revolting to the eye, while remaining unbelievably poignant.

Who knows what he will dish up next.

Via The Creators Project

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