Featured Image for Watch in horror (or sheer awe) as a group of turkeys try to give a dead cat its ’10th life’

Watch in horror (or sheer awe) as a group of turkeys try to give a dead cat its ’10th life’

Ok, just when we thought we’d seen it all (and we literally feel like we’ve seen it all) comes this bizarre, haunting, yet totally awesome video from Twitter user, TheReal_JDavis.

With the caption ‘These turkeys trying to give this cat its 10th life’, the video shows either a flock of wild turkeys or a rafter of domesticated turkeys creating an eerie moving circle around the remains of a sadly deceased cat.

And, naturally, the Internet has exploded in wonder. After all, this is hardly the sort of thing you spot in your typical suburban neighborhood.

TheReal_JDavis had a feeling that his footage would blow up, Tweeting preemptively:

Meanwhile, NPR took a more scientific approach to their coverage, enlisting Biologist Alan Krakauer, an expert on the behavioral ecology of birds, who offered “an explanation that ascribes a little more intention to the birds. He tells NPR it’s ‘most likely … predator inspection behavior. He explains that turkeys, when faced with an animal that might eat them, sometimes follow the risky route of actually approaching the predator. It can help signal to other turkeys in the area that there’s a threat, or help the turkeys evaluate how big of a danger the predator is.'”

Whatever … TheReal_JDavis just seems to be enjoying the attention.

Via Buzzfeed

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