Featured Image for Esther Edquist’s new music is the BEST thing you’ll discover today

Esther Edquist’s new music is the BEST thing you’ll discover today

Sweet Whirl is the solo project of musician Esther Edquist, who is known as half of Melbourne duo Superstar.

The music is beautifully melancholic and ethereal. Sweet Whirl might fall into the bracket of ‘dream pop’ because of its meditative dizzying atmospheric haze and smokey sound with lyrics that are deeply honest, personal and poetic.

However, it’s also bold in its simplicity. Featuring a bass guitar and a classically trained voice, Edquist’s sound is hauntingly beautiful. Her tones are evocative of Blue Velvet but the whole effect of her velveteen voice is comforting.

Sweet Whirl has inspired Mouth Tooth greatly. We love her voice, her lyricism, and her professionalism.  It’s as if her voice swims through the air to wash over the listener. She seems to dwell in a dark, lush place where the only light emanates from her voice.

The songs feel like scores to a dream-sequence but they are balanced and anchored by a sensibility that to which all can respond.

This post was guest written by Rhys from the Aussie duo, Mouth Tooth. Check out the new Mouth Tooth video/single, Always Lonely:

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