Featured Image for Chinchilla butts are our new favorite butts in the entire world

Chinchilla butts are our new favorite butts in the entire world

Sorry, corgis and Justin Trudeau. The internet has a new favourite butt.

At first glance, these pictures of furry butts might look like they’re Photoshopped – but they’re really not. The perfectly-rounded behinds belong to a small South American rodent called the chinchilla.

These animals have the softest fur of any mammal. It also has one of the densest, right next to the sea otter. So dense, in fact, that fleas can’t survive living in its fur!

Wink😉 #chinchilla

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Cameron, a breeder from Buckinghamshire in the UK, specialises in raising show-quality violet chinchillas, whose main asset is a perfectly circular butt. His pet photos on Instagram show just how beautiful these creatures can be.

According to Cameron, that he doesn’t overly groom his pets, that’s just how they naturally look!

Sadly, because a chinchilla’s fur is so soft, they’ve been hunted down for their pelt to the point of extinction. The species is now listed as ‘critically endangered’ by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources.

To help these little critters survive, avoid buying fur clothing. You can also head on over here to know more about chinchilla conservation efforts.


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Another #chinchilla bum – brother to the kit I posted yesterday😄

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