Featured Image for Your home seriously needs this T-Rex trophy head from Jurassic Park

Your home seriously needs this T-Rex trophy head from Jurassic Park

If your friends aren’t convinced about that time you and hunted down a prehistoric lizard, then this will undeniably remove all doubt.

Made in collaboration with Stan Winston Studios, the special effects company behind the Jurassic Park animatronic dinosaurs, Chronicle Collectibles has released a taxidermied Tyrannosaurus Rex head perfect for your man (or woman) cave.

The trophy measures 19-inches long and was made using the dinosaur molds used in the film. It’s made more lifelike thanks to the custom paint job by artist Steve Riojas, who matched the trophy’s appearance to that of the T-Rex used in that iconic car chase scene.

The trophy head is a bit pricey at AUS$846 (US$650), but then again, it’s a lot cheaper (and safer) than flying to Isla Nublar and trying to stuff the real thing. You can head on over here to pre-order.

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