Featured Image for This gorgeous designer table contains 50,000-year-old wood

This gorgeous designer table contains 50,000-year-old wood

You’re not likely to find this piece in your local antique store. Century-old Italian furniture company Riva 1920 has always been dedicated to stylish and sustainable design.

As their website says: “Love of nature and the quest for an enhanced quality of life define the pulse of this company, where craft skills and values combine with cutting-edge technology, and where design and attention to detail unite to create something truly special, unique, and timeless.”

This mantra couldn’t have been proven more true in their latest product: The Earth Table.


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The Earth Table comes from the minds of no less than Maurizio and Davide Riva. This creation has a resin top that immediately jumps out due to its contents: prehistoric Kauri wood from New Zealand, a rare and expensive wood often used for artisanal purposes. 

Supporting the top is a minimalist dark iron base by Genoa-born designer Renzo Piano.

If it wasn’t a dead giveaway, it was all in the name — the Rivas aimed for “a stylised representation of the earth, the wooden parts metaphorically representing the continents and the resin sections the oceans.”

And with the way ancient Kauri wood is carefully extracted from the earth, it all makes perfect sense. For it to have been buried so long underground, and now to be preserved, to be enjoyed as part of a purposeful household item that’s designed brilliantly — it sends such a strong message of the Earth as an eternal provider.

Want to learn more about The Earth Table? Click here.

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The Earth Table by Renzo Piano

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